Becoming a Lynx

I'm Marissa evans, and i'll be sharing my first year experiences at rhodes college with you

Pictures from Thurday’s Puppy Break sponsored by Active Minds for Stress Less Week.

terriluna asked: How inclusive is the Greek system actually?

I’d say Rhodes is more inclusive when it comes to Greek life than most colleges. Swaps (parities between fraternities and sororities) usually open about an hour after they start, fraternities regularly host parties open to all students, and sororities are always having really cool philanthropy events open to all students! I’m friends with people in both fraternities and sororities. Greek life at Rhodes may be big, but it’s also very relaxed and welcoming! 

Nearly everyone on campus was talking about this video last week!

set-phasers-to-sob asked: Hi, it's me again! I was just wondering where the entertainment options are off campus- like where's the nearest mall, movie theater, and shopping/restaurant areas?

The nearest mall is Oak Court which is about 10 minutes away. There’s also Wolfchase Mall that’s about 20 minutes away, but there’s some other stuff around it. There are two movie theaters that are pretty close by, and sometimes The Big Diehl gives out free tickets! There are a lot of cool places and restaurants on Poplar Avenue and Union Avenue. They both go down pretty far, so the types of businesses are really diverse. You can find just about anything you need.

But I have to say that the nearest form of entertainment is the Memphis Zoo which is right across the street from campus! It’s also free on Tuesdays!

phosphorescency asked: Thank you so much for the feedback! Yes, that would be wonderful if you could do that. I'm literally in love with Rhodes and I'd give anything to be able to attend this fall. I'll be up there on the 12th for senior day, so excited!!

No problem! I asked a friend, and he said that most Bonners aren’t really stressed out and have about as much work as people with a work study. I hope you have a good time on the 12th!

jessi-car22 asked: Hi! I'm trying to decide between attending Rhodes and a much larger school. How do you think the Rhodes experience is better/worse than a big university? Thanks!

Rhodes being a small school means it’s a close community. You’ll probably get to know everyone in your class by the time you graduate and feel really connected with nearly everyone. The campus is pretty small too, so it’s easy to get from one place to another and doesn’t ever take a long time unless you’re stopping to talk to someone. I guess you could consider knowing everyone as a disadvantage when it comes to things like dating, but I personally really enjoy the close community at Rhodes!

Karaoke night in the Lair!

set-phasers-to-sob asked: how is the food at rhodes?

I really like the food at Rhodes! There’s about seven different food style stations in the Rat to choose from (my favorite’s the home zone). The lair has things that are more fast food, but it’s pretty good too. Even if you get tired of the food at Rhodes (everyone does at some point), there are a lot of really good restaurants close to campus. 

phosphorescency asked: Hi there! So I've been accepted to Rhodes, and now it's decision time. Rhodes is/always has been my first choice, but the money is the issue. I'll find out next week if I received the Bonner Scholarship, if I do I'll be able to attend, so my question is about Bonners. Do you have any friends who are Bonners? Are they constantly stressing & busy or is the workload manageable? Are Bonners considered 'different' on campus? Thanks so much! I enjoy your documentation of your first year at Rhodes.

Let me start off by saying congrats on being accepted! I have a few friends who are Bonners, and I don’t really consider them different from other Rhdoes students (at least not in a negative light. Their program is awesome). I’m not sure how they manage their work load, but I haven’t seen anyone too stressed out. I don’t know too much about the Bonners though. I can ask around the next few days and leave and ask in your box about what I found out if you’d like!

Yesterday’s snow day!

Pictures courtesy of my friend Carolyn.